Christ Over Cancer - A Ministry and Resource for Helping Cancer Patients Heal and Overcome
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Christian Cancer Ministry

About Christ Over Cancer

A Christian Ministry for Cancer Patients & Survivors

Christ Over Cancer is a ministry of Woodlawn Church of Christ, located in Florence, Alabama. As a congregation, we noticed that the sick list portion of our church bulletin was largely made up of those that had been newly diagnosed with cancer. Some of the newly diagnosed were church members and some were friends outside the church.

How "Christ Over Cancer" Came to Be
One of our church members who had recently been diagnosed with cancer was searching for positive and encouraging stories of survival from cancer patients. This member found that such stories were very difficult to find and if found, were only available in varied and diverse locations and format - not combined into a book format. After much prayer and knowing the importance of having hope when fighting cancer, God guided this church member to put together a book of survivor stories that would detail how God had helped other survivors deal with cancer and maintain hope.

A Survival Guide to Surviving Cancer through Christ
This book of survivor stories was called "Christ Over Cancer" and in addition to the stories, the book included:

  • devotional thoughts,
  • articles about remaining positive during cancer treatments,
  • a joke section,
  • a listing of encouraging scriptures, and
  • information about leading cancer treatment centers across the United States.

The Christ Over Cancer book is now in its 3rd edition and over 3000 books have been distributed free all across the U.S. and to foreign countries.

Christ Over Cancer Gift Items
In 2012, the ministry began distributing Christ Over Cancer kits to the newly diagnosed. The kits include a tote bag, seat belt port cover, a blanket to use during chemotherapy infusions, and a copy of the Christ Over Cancer book. The kits are free to the newly diagnosed. Our mission is to give the cancer patient encouragement and to let them know that they are not alone in their journey.

Annual Day of Hope
In addition to the book, the Christ Over Cancer ministry has an Annual Day of Hope event. At this event, survivors tell their stories of how God is helping them deal with cancer and giving them hope. Also, we have inspirational singing groups perform and opportunities to interact and make contacts with other survivors and newly diagnosed patients.

In the future, the ministry plans to continue to expand our web presence, to release new editions of the book, and to introduce new books, articles, and devotions all aimed at providing encouragement and hope through Christ for cancer survivors and their families.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact us.

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* The Christ Over Cancer Ministry offers the above gifts to those diagnosed with cancer or those whom have suffered with cancer. These gifts are offered free with no obligation to donate. However, your kind donation will allow us to continue to spread the ministry to others with the message of Hope through Christ! Christ over cancer will not be able to accommodate order requests that are deemed as fraudulent or profit seeking.

Christ Over Cancer Ministry of Woodlawn Church of Christ of Florence Alabama