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Christian Cancer Ministry

Cancer Treatment

Resources for Cancer Patients

We encourage you to work with your physician to determine the best treatment options for your condition.

While we believe you should always submit your prayers to the ultimate physician, God, we also believe He provides men with knowledge and abilities to develop treatment options that can help to improve our health in many cases. Below you will find links to the websites of several top cancer treatment centers across the U.S. as well as cancer support groups.

Do you know of other helpful cancer resources? Please contact us to let us know. We will add new resources to this list upon review and approval.

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* The Christ Over Cancer Ministry offers the above gifts to those diagnosed with cancer or those whom have suffered with cancer. These gifts are offered free with no obligation to donate. However, your kind donation will allow us to continue to spread the ministry to others with the message of Hope through Christ! Christ over cancer will not be able to accommodate order requests that are deemed as fraudulent or profit seeking.

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